Chanel Fashion

For the fashionistas, money is not a problem. The Shanghai fashion week has been the battlefield of Chanel bags

From March 31st to April 15th, the 2015 fall-winter Shanghai fashion week was launched. Various fashionistas outside the show stage become the biggest highlight of this fashion week. You may find that the biggest difference between this year’s fashion week and last year’s is that the fashionistas all tried to make poses with their Chanel
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Wang Sicong’s girlfriend, Zhang Xinyu loves Chanel bags with diamond pattern, and always carries a limited edition Chanel girl bag.

The girlfriend of “national husband” Wang Sicong has attracted people’s attention since she was exposed. Looking through her Weibo, we can find pictures of her carrying Chanel bags, all of which are limited edition of Chanel bags with diamond pattern. Next, let’s have a look at how luxurious the girlfriend of a rich people can
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The most fashionable Chanel ladies!

Chanel Fine Jewelry held a party for the launches of the whole new Coco Crush collection in the show bar of Baiyue hotel. Many celebrities attended the party, including Zhou Xun, the image ambassador of Chanel China, pop star Li Yuchun, Yang Mi, Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, supermodel Xi Mengyao, Han Huohuo and supermodel Jin
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