Want to buy a Chanel bag? The exclusive Chanel store at Taikoo Hui restricts the numbers of customer flow

The news that Chanel is to reduce its price stirs the social network. The price will increase by 20% in Europe and the price of some types of bags in China will reduce by 20%. Last night, some fashionistas met at the Chanel exclusive store in Taikoo Hui to find out the truth. At noon this day, reporters reached the Chanel boutique store at the Taikoo Hui shopping mall but only to see that the store has suspended business and exercised restriction of customer flow. The reporters found that 3 female customers were making their choice by comparing different products in front of the counter and 6 other female customers had to wait outside the store. One beautiful woman told the reporter that she had been waiting for half an hour since the flow restriction. Inside the closed door, a male shopping guide was leaning against the door, controlling the customer flow. “The store has reached its reception capacity and there was not enough people to entertain more customers, so we had to exercise temperate flow restriction.”

Chanel exclusive store

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