Wang Sicong’s girlfriend, Zhang Xinyu loves Chanel bags with diamond pattern, and always carries a limited edition Chanel girl bag.

910078111The girlfriend of “national husband” Wang Sicong has attracted people’s attention since she was exposed. Looking through her Weibo, we can find pictures of her carrying Chanel bags, all of which are limited edition of Chanel bags with diamond pattern. Next, let’s have a look at how luxurious the girlfriend of a rich people can be. The classic black lambskin flap bag with diamond pattern, which sells at RMB42500, is the most classic type of Chanel bags. Without extra decoration, the low-key check symbolizes the taste of Chanel. Zhang Yuxi, dressed in white and black, looks very low-key and rich carrying this bag.
910078112 910078113The nude colored classic lambskin flap bag with diamond pattern, which sells at RMB38200, is also a hit. Its color is classic and can easily to go with clothes, loved by most celebrities. Wearing simple and casual apparel and carrying a nude colored Chanel bag, Zhang Yuxi looks carefree and leisure.


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