The price reduction of Chanel causes a buy craze. What’s the value of a 30,000 yuan bag?

In order to adjust the gap between prices of products around the world, famous brand Chanel announced the decision to cut the price of certain products in China by 20%, including classic types 11.12 and 2.55 and Le Boy Chanel handbag collection. After the news was released, thousands of people lined at the Henglong square in Shanghai, where a Chanel outlet is located, creating a boisterous scene. It is said that after the 20% price reduction, the price of 11.12 handbag, which used to be 38,200 yuan, was reduced to 30.000. Then, why on earth these 3 mysterious black bags cost 30.000 yuan?

According to informed sources, Chanel made this move to crack down the overseas purchasing industry which has posed threat to the brand, because the huge price gap between overseas purchasing and personal purchasing makes people rush to the former. This price reduction, some industry insiders say, will definitely deal a blow to overseas purchasing in one way or another.
ChanelThe management personnel of Chanel explained that a 30,000-yuan Chanel bag is not expensive. As products with space for value rise and memorial value, luxuries enjoy not so much the function of daily product as collection value and historical value, especially for more renowned and admired brand in a industry.

But some industry insider point out that these 3 Chanel bags are classic compared with the others but enjoys not much collection value. From the perspective of being classic, these 3 bags are widely received with the indoctrination of Chanel value centering around . Within people’s limited knowledge of Chanel, these 3 types of bags can best represent Chanel products, so it is no surprise that people scramble to buy them.

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