Personalized just for Chanel bags

11.12In the Chanel fine customized clothes show at the end of January, Carl Lagerfeld chose  Christen Steward, the leading actress in “Twilight”, Vanessa Paradis and Alice Dellal as the endorsers of the new bag collection. Now, the image ads have just come out, and the three celebrities each displayed their charm. Christen Steward demonstrated the confidence and reserve of 11.12 lambskin leather bag and Vanessa and Alice each showed their beautiful back and slender legs which are very sexy, interpreting the toughness of Boy Chanel and the softness of Girl Chanel.
chanel bag 8801Christen Steward, who used to endorse the Chanel Metiers d, Art collection, is full of youth and vigor and interpreted the exact feeling of Chanel 11.12 lambskin bag. A white T-shirt, coupled with Chanel classic crepe suit and herringbone stitching bag, she bursts with modern vitality. The herringbone stitch, which is a representative stitch design element advanced by Gabriel Chanel in the 1960s, is reinterpreted by Carl Lagerfeld. The integration of old elements and new elements makes this bag classic and earned such comments from Christen Steward that the classic bag is the embodiment of Chanel, returning to nature and full of modernity.
chanel bag 8802 chanel bag 8803Alice Dallal, with punk quality, showed some neutral taste and is no doubt the best suit the Boy Chanel inspired by hunting. In the ad, Alice wears a tight T-shirt to go with the stitched check denim Boy Chanel. The tattoo in her arm shows itself vaguely, unrestrained and free. Her legs exposes casually, which is even more sexy.
chanel bag 8804 chanel bag 8805Vanessa Paradis, who has endorsed the Chanel Cambon, New Mademoiselle and Coco Cocoon bag collection, is again chosen as the endorser of Girl Chanel. She appeared in the image picture with a multi-layered pearl necklace and leather-strapped lambskin Girl Chanel, with her back completely naked, conveying the design connotation of being natural.

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