Online shops sell fake Chanel and LV bags. Two people born in the 80s get sentenced for selling counterfeit products with registered trademark.

A college students born in the 80s opened a entity shop after graduation but later changed it into a online store for poor track record. At the beginning, the sales volume was lorn. So in order to earn profits, he bought lots of fake products of Chanel and other brands from anther man’s entity shop in another city, and contacted customers through the online shop, selling these fake products across the country by express delivery. At present, two male have been sentenced for selling counterfeit products with registered trademark by the Mudan district court in Heze city, Shandong province.
fake chanel bagsCollege student Zhang, born in the 80s, run a entity store which specialized in clothes, bags and other products in a business street in Heze city after graduation. He said that at the beginning, the store did not have a ready market and had few customers, but the housing rental and other fees were so high that he could not make ends meet. In August 2013, he closed the online store and registered an online store at Taobao in the name of his girlfriend, mainly selling girl bags. However, the sales volume was low and he did not make any profits, so Zhang cast his eye on fake brand girl bags.
fake chanel handbagsIn September 2013, Zhang kept contact with Xu, who dealt in cases and bags in an entity store in Hebei province, via the internet, so Zhang bought fake girl bags of famous brands such as Chanel, LV, Prada and so on in large numbers from Xu. He first remitted the money to Xu’s bank account through Ali-pay or bank account and delivered the products through logistics to Heze. Then, he contacted customers through his online store and sold these replica Chanel handbags across the world via express delivery.

Zhang confessed that one of the popular Chanel bags was bought at 22 yuan but sold at 49 yuan. He added that ,actually, the customers already knew that the bags are counterfeit before they made the purchase, so both parties knew the truth. According to the investigation of the court, the sales revenue of fake Chanel girl bags Zhang sold through the online store reached over 300,000 yuan.
fake chanelRecently, the Mudan district court tried this case. The two defendants Zhang and Xu sold products that they knew were counterfeits of famous brand,with Zhang selling an enormous number and Xu a relatively large number. Their behaviors have constituted the offense of selling fake products with registered trademark, so the court, taking into full consideration of factors as their attitude toward admission of guilty, sentenced Zhang to 3-year imprisonment, suspended for 4 years and fined him for 160,000 yuan, and sentenced Xu to 1-year imprisonment, suspended for 2 years and fined him 60,000 yuan in line with the Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China.

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