Leonardo presented at Charity Party in Cannes, Bidding the Chanel Purse for His Mother

At the charity fundraising party ,the well-known movie star Leonardo Dicaprio took home the latest Chanel purse as birthday president for his mother, with a bid of $ 11000 (about RMB 70000 yuan.)
Chanel PurseThe auction went on competitively since Leo has another competitor Paris Hilton, who is the inheritor of the Hilton. As is revealed, the two strove for the bid aggressively. While it was Leo that win the bid at last with a cocky price.

The purse is made of chloroprene rubber, with a leading color of blue, decorated with blue and gorgeous flowers. It has not up for sale so far. The donation would be send to poor regions around the world in which many children have heart conditions.

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