Girlfriend of Wang Sicong carries the same bag as Zhang Zetian. Girlfriend of rich people all love Chanel

Zhang Yuxi, the girlfriend of Wang Sicong, has stirred the public since she was first exposed. Browsing through her Weibo, we can find that she is a staunch Chanel fan. More dramatically, Zhang Zetian has the same white Chanel bag as hers. It can be seen that girlfriends of rich people all love Chanel bags.
8918672681It’s such a coincidence that the two have the same white Chanel bag and a 30,000yuan bag seems nothing to them. From Wang Sicong’s girlfriend to Zhang Zetian, it seems that girlfriends of rich people really love Chanel bags. But Zhang Zetian has been criticized for her taste. Many people say though she is rich, she is not good at choosing clothes. As for Zhang Yuxi, though questioned more as having done her face, she is better than Zhang Zetian at choosing the right apparel.
8918672682 8918672683Zhang Yuxi is also good at matching clothes, and certainly most of her matches are of a Korean or Japanese style. The claret goes well with a Chanel bag adorned with beige pearl, and a sweater of the same color also matches well. Zhang Yuxi has used this bag to match claret dress of different style in 2 occasions, and the smart and elegant style also differs.

You can be capricious when you are rich. The Chanel dressing case bag goes with the Chanel sports shoes sweeping the world. Her piles of bags can really dazzles your eye.

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