Chanel makes its bag into the eye shadow

2.55 is a classic bag type introduced by lady Coco Chanel in 1955, as well as one of the most renowned bag in all the Chanel bags, with a bag chain made braided with metal and lambskin. In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the introduction and popularity of 2.55, the cosmetics R&D office of Chanel decides to introduce eye shadow and nail polish with limited edition, inspired by this bag.
Chanel Bag 55781With the price of Chanel bags on the constant increase, some people have made it a business to rush to buy a new product type every year, use it happily for a while and then sell it on discount the next year after increasing its price, which can really make some money. Racked website once used one of Chanel’s classic bag, the middle-sized black lambskin Chanel Flap Bag as an example to show us the price chart, which is very startling:
Chanel Bag 55782In ten years, its price have risen from 1650$ to 4900$. With such a price rise, people still rush to buy it, so we have no reason to doubt it. But in order to attract those young people who don’t have much money, Chanel comes up with an idea and decides to design a cosmetics collection with the feeling of 2.55 handbag.
Chanel Bag 55783On order to add the noble flavor of this limited edition, only those staunch fans who have ordered the push service “beauty” before can receive an e-mail, which starts with such mysterious tones as “inspired by the 2.55 handbag”. But how can one make clear the connection between this eye shadow and handbag? The imaginable designers decide to print the lines of the bag chain on the eye shadow.

Chanel Bag 55784

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