Chanel cuts the price of bags in China, the new early-fall products in 2015 gets rid of the gray color

Recently, Chanel decided to increase the price of a whole collection of bags, among which Boy Chanel is to increase by 20%, classic type bag by 20% , GST by 38% and classic purse by 20%(including double C buckle, CPC collection and camellia collection).
Chanel 009181Don’t worry! Chanel reduced its price of bags in China. The price difference of two classic types(Le Boy and 11.12) between France and China was narrowed to 1400 yuan and 1800yuan, so you don’t need to rely on overseas purchasing anymore.
Chanel 009181You know that there is an enormous number of newly introduced Chanel bags every year. As a newcomer of the 2015 early-fall Chanel bag collection is introduced, do you get any inspiration from the bag.

Judging from the new product display, the Chanel 2015 early-fall bag collection are very colorful with the exception of the most classic 2.55 flap bag, getting rid of the deeply gray color.
Chanel 009183Diverting your attention from the 2.55 flap bag, you can find many new shopping totes, showing different feelings with different materials and colors. If you love to bring large bags when shopping, there are many options in this season’s collection. All can bring different feelings be it of jeans cloth, linen and leather.

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