Celebrities in Europe and America all love Chanel bags. Which one is the most seen on screen?

All girls long to have a Chanel bag. As a classic brand representing the mark of an era, Chanel bags has undoubtedly become a desired bag for everyone. From the classic 2.55 to the novel “fragrance bottle”, countless Chanel bags indicating a season have been launched, some becoming a popular It Bag, some the hottest product in some vintage markets, which many fashionable people strive to have one , including big celebrities and fashion bloggers. The editor specially present a feature of street snap of celebrities in Europe and America carrying Chanel bags. Any celebrity you can call by name have a Chanel bag and some even have exclusive bags that you have never seen. Enough with the talk, let’s have a look at the bags.

Famous Celebrities Look

Chanel Bag 001 Chanel Bag 002 Chanel Bag 003 Chanel Bag 004

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