Wearing the Chanel jacket and walking the street with Girl Chanel

89101After Chanel launched the Boy Chanel, a boy bag, in 2011 and received worldwide acclaim, Lagerfeld again made use of his unconventional humorous innovation design talent, introducing the Girl Chanel this year, whose style differs greatly with the popular boy bag, with its soft body and addition of soft imposition of women. More diverse in fabric, it combines the Chanel classic tweed and felt cloth, silk-smooth lamb skin with diamond pattern. The bold and bright color also stronger brought visual shock. Careful netizens must have noticed that the outer design of this bag is actually from the Chanel classic jacket, using many elements as its buckle, collar, sleeves, fringe and mixed fringes,the appearance of which also comes from the hunting clips used by Coco Chanel when young. The novel and pretty bag has been a love of many Chinese and Western celebrities, who each displayed their own way of interpreting Chanel. So many types of bags have confused your eyes, aren’t they? Next, let’s look at how to choose the latest It bag with me, the editor.
89102The Girl Chanel Zhou Xun chose uses the classic Chanel tweed cloth. The mysterious purple check brought out her elf-like imposition. Though the size of the bag is large, its soft cloth makes it gentle, which did not look odd with Zhou Xun. As the endorser of Chanel in Asia, she can “hold” almost all types of bags.
89103Miss World Zhang Ziling, who plays Zhou Xun’s bestie in the film Meet Miss Anxiety carried the same bag with Zhou Xun outside the film. The soft purple tweed makes her look kind with her lofty height, 1.82m.
89104Gui Lunmei also chose the same bag, whose mysterious purple color brought out her pure disposition.
89105As the supermodel ranking the highest in China’s history, Liu Wen was bolder in colors. The orange Girl Chanel lighten up her all-black apparel.

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