“Twilight City” actress plays photography

Kristen Stewart, the leading actress in “Twilight City”, has showed her impressive acting skills by playing vampire and Snow White. This summer, she became a photojournalist for the endorsement of the Chanel glasses and made Carl Lagereld her target. In the image ads, her protean expressions, with the combination of elegance and a rock flavor, echoes perfectly with the glasses, as if to declare her as one of the muses of Chanel’s inspiration.
90191Focusing on capturing the scenery with a vintage camera in hand
90192Christen Steward has been the endorser of the Chanel Metiers d, Art workshop collection and then the 11.12 Chanel bags, establishing her status in fashion long ago. Now, the endorsement of the Spring-Summer 2015 Chanel glasses furthers consolidates her vital role in fashion.
90193In the ads of the  Spring-Summer Chanel glasses, Christen focuses on capturing the scenery with a vintage camera in hand against the simple, gray background. Coupled with the Chanel glasses, her dedicated expression is imbued with inexpressible uniqueness and elegance.
90194In the Spring-Summer 2015 Chanel show, a reinterpretation of the vintage pilot frame prevalent in the 1970s is made known to the public. The concise, smoothly-lined frame and tip design, coupled with the ultraviolet-resistant lens whose color goes from bright to light or even transparent,matches well with the chiseled face of Christen, giving a natural expression of nostalgia.
90195Cat eye-shaped frame, sexy and wild

Surely, the glasses is also inspired by the jewelry beloved by Lady Chanel. The cat eye-shaped frame is both sexy and wild, and the tip combining pear, metal and rhinestone by arc jewel tessellation craft is luxurious and noble. The butterfly-shaped frame, lined with colored composite material with tweet patterns is instilled Chanel spirits. Drawing on the inspiration from Boy Chanel bag, the optical glasses with details, decorated with symbolic Chanel buckles, is also filled with low-key luxury.

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