This 4 types is well worth having in Chanel bags

Chanel Bag 2016091In the middle of 2000, Chanel created the Chanel Boy Flap Bag, which abandoned the ancient and wore-out feeling and replaced the classic hem bag. With its brand new design embarked on a modern road, many fashionable women think it represented the new thought of independent women and are crazy about it. Once this bag is launched, many Chanel fans run crazy after it. Now, whether inside or outside the Chanel show room or in the street, Chanel Boy has been the beloved one of fashionable people.
Chanel Bag 2016092This handbag is called so because it was born in Feb., 1995. It is classic for its unique design:  fabric with two-sided zonal diamond pattern, the rectangular buckle design of Mademoiselle Lock and the all-metal shoulder strap, which comes from Coco Chanel’s unattached life experience, symbolizing that women are independent and mature individuals, who can live freely without reliance on marriage or anyone. Maybe , such a classic Chanel bag is stored in the closets of your seniors.
Chanel Bag 2016093In the 1980s, Chanel changed it from the classic Reissue 2.55 and added leather design in the chain strap of its classic type, making the wearer more comfortable and easy. Apart from this, Chanel replaced the Mademoiselle Lock design in the buckle with a double C sign, very unforgettable after first sight. Everyone was crazy about this new change, and 2.55 fashion bag tool a more important position in the heart of people in the fashion bag market.
Chanel Bag 2016094Born in 2010, the Grand Shopping Tote(GST), a lovely, elegant and practical Shopping Tote, shot to be the favorite of fashion socialites. Its large capacity enables it to hold a simple jacket and enables users to carry their laptops and files easily. Convenient to use and with a reasonable price, this bag is the first choice for a entry-level Chanel bag.

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