The global price adjustment of three classic Chanel bags, 11.12, 2.55 and Boy Chanel

chanelChanel decided to coordinate the gap of product price in every market around the world since April 8th, 2015. The first to be adjusted are the classic types(11.12 and 2.55) and Boy Chanel handbag collection. The price coordination aims at narrowing the price gap in various markets. In recent years, Euro has devalued, further widening the price difference in different countries. The price of all the imported products depend on exchange rate floating and pricing factors, including tax revenue, import fees, transportation cost and the economic environment in different markets, which differs in every country.

After the price coordination, customers can get Chanel product at a similar price at every conplace. Through implementation of this strategy, Chanel continued to consolidate the brand’s worldwide consistency and create new development opportunities. This can also continuously improve the shopping experience of customers in boutique shops, bringing out the excellent service and uniqueness of Chanel, and at the same time checking the influence of overseas purchasing on the brand image. This price strategy will adjust the price of all high-quality product collection in 2015.

Chanel 091

Christen Steward plays in the commercial of Chanel 11.12 classic handbag.
Chanel 092Alice Dellal plays in the commercial of Boy Chanel.
Chanel 093Stylist display the Chanel 2.55 Look bag. in street snap.

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