Primary Authentication of Chanel Bags

This time, we are going to make initial authentication of “Chanel” bags with two connoisseur, Li Fu and Wu Di. Let’s discuss how to tell the genuine from the fake Chanel bag.
CHANEL (1) CHANEL (2) CHANEL (5)Let’s look at the metal part of the fake bag. The metal inscription in these two pictures lacks not only the detailed features of letters but a sense of depth with the margins of letters sinking obviously.
CHANEL (4) CHANEL (5) CHANEL (6) CHANEL (7)Surely, Chanel doesn’t use only one craft in metal processing. It still bears the features of Chanel letters and logo, but the notch is polished neatly with clear margins, which is pleasant to the eye. In picture 3 below is the laser code. Every Chanel bag bears a laser code in its linen, but the laser code of some medieval bags get lost, so a bag without a laser code is not necessarily a fake one and should be identified with other processes. Laser code is a feature easy to identify, so we will introduce it to you.
CHANEL (8) CHANEL (10)Do these three pictures distinguish among one another? In picture 1 and 2, there are small, fluorescent spots, whose flare can been seen from all directions, and the font of numbers is full and clear with fixed style of writing.
CHANEL (11) CHANEL (13)Let’s turn to the laser code of the fake one in picture 3. It is just simple print without laser points, showing clear difference in font with the genuine one.

CHANEL (14) CHANEL (15) CHANEL (16)Today, we learned to authenticate genuine Chanel products by its 3 features, namely, some features about the letters of Chanel and its logo, the craft of mental inscription and laser code. Does it give you a better understanding on the specific craft of Chanel bags? The above paragraphs give an introduction of the 3 processes in authentication. In the authentication process, we will inspect 13 craft details of a bag, with at least 2 connoisseur completing the work, ensuring no errors.

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