Not making bread, then buy a Chanel bag

Recently, the Canton road has been a little deserted, with fewer people dragging their luggage bags, and the gold shops are not as packed as flower street. It is said that the price of hotels reached a record low, which might be a good news for the comeback of Cantonese in Canton street. But last week, the Canton street was again filled with people, not that the hotel rooms were on sale but that the luxurious Chanel reduced its price unprecedentedly, triggering the occurrence of long waiting lines of people which disappeared for some time.
Chanel 2091In the past 5 years, the price of Chanel grew at an average rate of 15%, far surpassing the growth rate of our GDP. But against the background of economic recession, luxurious brand dosen’t come off easily. Last year, the yearly report of many world famous brand all showed a recession in their track record. Under the pressure of increasing sales, coupled with the significant devaluation of Euro against RMB, Chanel decided to reduce its price in Chinese market for the first time and increase its price in the European market.

After the release of this news, the shopping-loving rich and beautiful women around the world got ready immediately, spreading the news that our friends did not need to spend their time and energy to and fro various European market buying bags for us. Chanel price reduction decision will be effected on April 8th , but many exclusive shops have adjusted the price upon the release of the news, triggering a purchasing wave in many mega cities around the country.
Chanel 2092Most of the items under sale are 20% off the price of classic ones. But don’t look down upon this 20%. By the way, the original price of a classic CF is 38,200 yuan and the discount price is 30,000 yuan, which is 10.000 yuan lower. According to a source, the price of the same type of bag sold in the exclusive shop in Guangzhou is 500 yuan higher than that in Hong Kong, after converted to RMB, but the types and quantities of bags in mainland shops are very limited, so people all flood again into Hong Kong, the international metropolis.

Already obsessed with buying bags, the Hong Kong girls joined the long queue, thus the grand occasion. Seasoned Hong Kong people say there are reasons for Hong Kong girls to buy brand bags, that is their boyfriends are given to carry their bags, so the high price does not matter if the bag is used by 2 people.

A bag costs 30,000 yuan, how luxurious it is! With the slowdown of economy, people begin reflecting the previous attitude of the getting the most expensive rather than the best. In the words of a rich person J, you huddle in bed when asleep, so why do you buy a kingsize bed? Is it because you are a giant? Luxurious. Clothes, food, shelter and traveling are daily products, fundamental to and necessary fro our daily life, but if you want to buy brand daily products, they becomes luxuries. J believes luxuries are all superficial things for showoff, for enhancing confidence, but people who are really confident don’t do so.
Chanel 2093Handbag is called “bao” in Mandarin, but only purse is called “bao” in Cantonese and the others are called “dai”. If you ask a Cantonese whether he has carried a “bao”, they would think what’s you are talking is Char Siu Bao. Cantonese would use bread soaked in water , which becomes lager, to describe a person who has grown fat.

Speaking of expensive bags, let’s have a look at the commonly used word “a gui” in Cantonese. When describing an obvious matter, one can say we don’t have to ask “a gui” to know the truth. Then who on earth is “a gui”? They are many allusions. Some say it originates from the immigrant leader “a gui” in Southern Song dynasty; others believe that the adult men in “shanyao” are called “a gui”, still others say he is a corrupt official in Qing dynasty, Li Shigui….All of then are either leader or one who knows everything or a culprit. What’s common in them is that, in the past, people had to ask them for everything and the things people don’t ask are known to everyone.

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