Miu Miu Club BagThe name MIU MIU CLUB bag comes from the free night life spirit in the 1980s. This is a party girl who would wear plastic leather pencil dress and pendent earrings. Sometimes, she would wear a 1950 tweed coat. Her bag is like her, unrestrained, aggressive, fully showing the core value of MIU Miu and integrating the classic quality with naughty fun, luxurious craft and confusing smartness.

The body of MIU MIU CLUB bag is make of symbolic matelassé leather. The structure is delicate and soft with classic Palladio style chain shoulder strip. The color design breaks conservative style. One of them even uses the bold diagonal lines, reminding people of the guideboard which warns danger.

The two chains placed on the front of the bag is enlarged deliberately, adding a crude element for the whole design. If looking alone, it can be called jewelry. MIU MIU CLUB bag is created for sophisticated ladies with unique understanding of clothes. She loves and understands fashion. Her style is never mediocre, and there still remains wildness in her mind.

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