Chanel girl’s bag “ Look” at the Palm Spring

8918011Before, I went to the Louis Vuitton fashion show at Palm Spring. Heading for Palm Spring yet taking a small vacation in the desert, I still arrived there several days before the show. Though brought up in L.A,  less than two hours away from Palm Spring, I’ve never really visited a place except for Coachella. So, this time, I decided to take some time to make my first exploration.

Wearing a Zimmermann dress and carrying a Chanel girl’s bag, I never realized before this hiking that this bag could contain so many things. Besides, I never knew that it was a Bohemian bag, whose colorful tweed matches perfectly with traveling.

Chloe Dafne sunglasses

Zimmermann dress

Chanel girl’s purse

Cornetti strap sandal

8918016 8918015 8918014 8918013

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