A look at Chanel bags celebrities carry at Chanel party in New York

201689101Chanel held an  dinner party of artists in New York city. The artists and celebrities Carl Lagerfeld invited all brought their beloved Chanel bags to the party. We have written many features about various activities celebrities attend. Chanel bags are most often carried at these occasions, fully showing their glamour. Surely, celebrities will not let go of every opportunity to show off themselves. Wearing the latest Chanel suit, carrying a beloved Chanel bag and walking on high heels, the celebrities enjoy the beautiful moment together.

201689102Chanel Jersey Flap
201689103Chanel Flap Bag
201689104Chanel Minaudiere
201689105Chanel Sequined Flap
201689106Chanel Tweed
201689107Chanel Chain-Trimmed
201689108Chanel Ladies First
201689109Chanel Votez Coco
2016891010Chanel 11.12 Extra Mini
2016891011Chanel 11.12 Classic Flap
2016891012Chanel Chevron
2016891013Chanel Minaudiere
2016891014Chanel Embellished Classic Flap

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