90 seconds to know the next Chanel bag to be a hit


Now, in high tea between close friends or gathering of family of friends, one is shy to call herself white and beautiful girl with much money without a Chanel 2.55 or Le Boy. What’s the next bag that is bound to be popular? It would be nice to keep a close watch at it beforehand, because the Girl handbag introduced by 2015 Paris-Salsburg fine workshop collection will bombard your social network.
1901110132The next hit?

The unique Chanel handbag, inspired by the line, contour and ornamental element of legendary Chanel classic jacket, expresses the details of classic jacket, such as sleeves, cuffs, braided piping, neckline, and pocket, in a whole new way.
1901110133Be it with smooth lamb skin or lambskin with diamond pattern, tweed or Roden wool,polar fleece or pony skin, Girl carries the design ideal and practical spirits of Carl, who explains that just like a classic jacket, it can be wore and matched at your own way, tied at the wrist, surrounding the neck, lying at the back or whatever you want. Girl handbag offers various ways of wearing and matching, making every lady free and at the same time meeting different demand and expectations.
1901110134Admit it or not, various classic Chanel types in these years, under the constant display of celebrities and fashion stars, have become “street bag”, which means the same bag is easily found to be carried by many people in the street. So let’s find out what is on the list.
1901110135Chanel 2.55 collection

Chanel 2.55 collection was born after WW 2. In the war-influenced France, women’s roles are gradually diversified. They need to handle different environment, so the traditional hand bag becomes increasingly out of date. Coco Chanel wittingly transplanted the long, thin strap to the traditional handbag and added a golden chain to deliver a better sense of hanging, thus deliberating women’s hands. Later, this became a new life attitude.
1901110136The early Chanel 2.55 used rectangular buckles, which were replaced by CC revolting buckles after Coco Chanel’s death in 1971 until now.

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