20% discount for CHANLE bags. These 4 entry-level types are worth waiting in line for.

It is said that, in Hong Kong, Nanjing and Chengdu, hundreds of thousands of girls waited in extremely long lines for CHANEL handbags. Then, what is the glamour of CHANEL? With so many CHANEL handbags on the market, people feel at a loss what to choose. It is actually easy to find the Chanel handbag worth investing. Now let’s choose the 4 most welcomed Chanel handbags in recent years, and provide their standard name for your reference.
89101【Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Bag】

2.55 is the grand grand grand-mother of Chanel handbags. It is called so because it was born in Feb., 1995 and Coco Chanel named it after the date. This handbag is classic for its unique design:  fabric with two-sided zonal diamond pattern, the rectangular buckle design of Mademoiselle Lock and the all-metal shoulder strap, which comes from Coco Chanel’s unattached life experience, symbolizing that women are independent and mature individuals, who can live freely without reliance on marriage or anyone.

Which celebrities love it?

Handbag 2.55 are so classic that almost all celebrities, socialites and fashion bloggers have one. A handbag with such a history is a must in every closet.
8910289103 89104 89105
【Chanel Classic Flap Bag】

After Carl Lagerfeld took over Chanel in 1980s, Chanel made some improvement on 2.55 to follow the money worship trend of that time. The low-key square buckle was replaced by the double C, which is more ostentatious. Feather design is also added in the chain shoulder strap of classical handbags, making them more comfortable for ladies. At the time, the handbag was famous all around the world and the change made people crazy, so ladies attending party with such a handbag will definitely leave a deep impression on people.

Which celebrities love it

The Chanel bag Lagerfeld has improved is more feminine-like, and makes a girl particularyly elegant.
89106 89107 89108【Chanel Boy Flap Bag】

Born in fall-winter 2011, this bag sells hot since it first came out onto the market and the selling momentum is still on the increase, with the number of its fans almost reaching that of the previously mentioned 2 types. The inspiration of the design of this bag comes from the love story between Coco Chanel and her dear lover Aurther Boy Capel, so this collection is called Le Boy Chanel. The feature of Boy Chanel is its folding, which you should keep a close watch. It has shoulder strap of various materials, such as chain, feather and two straps of chain and leather. Its outer design comes from the hunting clips Coco Chanel used when young. This tough design leads Chanel to a modern and handsome style.

Zhou Xun is the Asian actress who can best express the texture of Chanel, deserving the name of actress being chosen by Lagerfeld at first sight.

891010 891011 891012 891013【Chanel Classic GST Tote Bag】

Born in 2010, GST(grand shopping tote), a luxurious shopping handbag, has become the favorite of not a few fashion socialites. It is really practical and capacious, able to contain a small jacket or a laptop. It is also of high quality and reasonable price, the first choice for an entry-level handbag.

891014 891015 891016 891017 891018 891019

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